North Korea Launches Ballistic Missile in New Test

North Korea Launches Ballistic Missile in New Test

North Korea launched a ballistic missile early Wednesday (local time) in its first such test since September, NBC News reported.

The missile traveled east towards Japan, a South Korean military official from the Joint Chief of Staff’s office said.

Later in the day, President Donald Trump said “we will take care of it,” calling it “a situation that we will handle.”

The missile appeared to land within Japan’s exclusive economic zone, according to a tweet from the office of Japan’s prime minister, though U.S. and South Korean officials didn’t immediately confirm that. The zone covers large swaths of the ocean around Japan.

North Korea’s Nuclear Missile Program Explained – Part 3: Other Solutions

North Korea has tested various kinds of missiles this year, most recently a ballistic missile that flew over Japanese territory on Sept. 15. This test took place while President Donald Trump, who has sought to end North Korea’s nuclear missile program, was having lunch with Senate Republicans at the Capitol.

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